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    Why Choose MTL Services

    MTL is the place to go for all your food processing equipment needs, including buying new or used commercial and industrial equipment.

    We offer high-quality, used food processing equipment to fulfill the industry’s diversified demands. Our dedication to quality and dependability has earned our clients’ trust worldwide.

    Buy Equipment

    We offer the best food processing equipment.  MTL Services offers a seamless and transparent process if you want to Buy your used food processing equipment.

    Sell Equipment

    MTL Services is your one-stop shop for food processing and manufacturing equipment. Sell your decommissioned equipment quickly, efficiently, and with ease.

    Buy & Sell with Confidence

    Offering Seamless Sales of Used Food Processing Equipment Since 2005

    MTL Services stands out as a leading name among food industry equipment manufacturers and industrial food processing equipment manufacturers. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality, we continue to be at the forefront of the industry. Choose MTL Services for all your food processing equipment needs.

    Food Processing & Cooking Equipment by MTL Services

    We work with used food processing equipment and offer a wide variety of ways to sell them. For decommissioned equipment, give us a call first, as the process can vary slightly. To view our selling options, click here.

    We have worked with many well-known clients including international client in Turkey, Dubai, India, Argentina, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico and, of course, the USA.

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    Sell Your Equipment Everywhere with MTL Services!

    We are the most reliable used food processing equipment company in AL. Whether in Ozark or any other part of Alabama, trust MTL Services for reliable solutions to meet your food processing equipment requirements.

    Direct Purchase

    MTL Services purchases used and decommissioned processing equipment, including but not limited to Stein, FPEC, Polar, and Wolftec equipment, Spiral/Tunnel Freezers, Key Shakers, Hoppers, compressors, etc.

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    After speaking over the phone, we facilitate the removal of your equipment and house it in our 25,000 square-foot warehouse- at no extra cost. Our team will coordinate with yours to ensure a seamless and safe removal!

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     The auction details are captured in a written agreement where both parties agree on percentages and timeline. MTL will house your equipment at no charge and all equipment is insured by MTL Services.

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    MTL Inventory

    Marel Portioner

    Marel Portioner, Serial#
    AO27342, Type: IPM3-600

    View Details

    Formax 19

    Forming Machine -Model# F-19
    PLC-Serial # 485

    View Details

    FPEC Mega Press

    Model# SCP123 – 34” wide,

    View Details
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