MTL Services is owned and operated by Michael Leonard who brings over 30 years of experience to the food processing industry.

I am Michael Leonard, the owner of MTL Services. First of all, I would like to say thanks to the food industry and all of the people and companies I have been honored to work with throughout my career since 1986. I could not have been more blessed than to be a part of this great industry.

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering at NC State University in 1981 and spent time the first eight years in engineering & project management. I entered the food industry & sales in 1986 with Square Food Processing Machinery introducing the Belt Grill to the U.S. market until joining Frigoscandia (JBT Food Tech) in 1989 for 8 ½ years.

In 1997 I assisted in building a small spiral company, Freezing Systems, that later became RMF Freezers.

In 2005, I started MTL Services and began purchasing, refurbishing and selling spiral freezers. We have sold spirals internationally in Dubai, India, Turkey, Argentina Jamacia, Guatemala, Poland, Mexico and the USA.  MTL services has a 12000 ft2 warehouse located in Cartersville, GA where much of our equipment is located.

In 2010 Brakebush Brothers & Fieldale Farms assisted in expanding MTL Services offerings by consigning their excess equipment to include the equipment upstream from the spiral including Stein fryers, Stein & MP batter & breading equipment, Stein oil filters, FPEC tumblers, refrigeration screw compressors, etc.

Our customers for purchased, consigned and sold equipment include Pilgrim’s Pride, Koch Foods, Redi-Serve, Crestwood Farms, McCain Snack Foods, Cargill Meat Solutions, Keystone Foods, Cargill Kitchen Solutions, MAS Enterprises (Dubai), EgeCanet (Turkey), Congelatos Artico (Argentina), Fieldale Farms, Albertville Quality Foods, Bob Evans, Global Reliance (India), Gold Creek Foods, House of Raeford, Rainforest SeaFood (Jamaica), Prime Pak Foods, etc.

In 2011 I received a call from a new company, Food Process Solutions (FPS). After meeting at their new facility in Richmond, BC, Canada, it was obvious to me that the company would be a phenomenal success.  I became a representative when the company had zero sales and began working with Jeffrey Chang, the President.  We traveled together for over a year and the company has been successful even beyond my expectations with sales over $200 million in 2021.  I retired from FPS after a successful 11 year career in September 2022.  FPS today, is considered a leader in food freezing technology & manufacturing in North America and has expanded to throughout the world.

Valued Clients

Over the years MTL Services has had the pleasure of working with many reputable and recognizable companies both domestically and internationally. Here is a partial list of past and present clients.

  • Brakebush Brothers

  • Fieldale Farms

  • Koch Foods

  • Pilgrims Pride

  • The OSI Group

  • Rainforest Seafood (Jamaica)

  • Redi-Serve

  • House of Raeford

  • Cargill Kitchen Solutions

  • Cargill Meat Solutions

  • McCain Snack Foods

  • Owens Country Sausage

  • Snowcrest Foods

  • Otis Spunkmeyer

  • Global Foods (India)

  • Ege Canet (Turkey)

  • Congelados Artico (Argentina)

  • MAS Enterprises  (Dubai)