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If you’re selling your used food processing equipment, you are likely being met with the same two options: direct and consignment. Ultimately, the decision is entirely up to you! But many of our clients ask us: “Which is best?”. While both have advantages, consignment tends to be the easiest for the client, with maximum payout. Below are some of the main benefits of selling on consignment!


With consignment, you don’t need to wait for a buyer for your equipment to be removed. With MTL, we will facilitate the removal of your equipment and store it in our 25,000 square-foot warehouse. This storage comes at no extra charge to you. From there, we will continue to keep your equipment safe until the perfect buyer comes along. If you prefer to leave the equipment in your own warehouse, we will sell it on an exclusive basis! We strive to make the entire experience straightforward and stress free. The only time you have to lift a finger is to dial our number!

Best Possible Deal

You won’t get as good a deal when you’re rushing to sell something. People will either lowball you, or you’ll lower prices until somebody takes an interest in purchasing.

With consignment, there isn’t any extreme rush. Your food processing equipment is being kept safe in our warehouse, so you don’t need to rush for space. This time ensures that when buyers come along, they’ll be serious and understand the value of what they are buying!

At MTL, our years of experience ensure we give you the best experience. We strive to give you a stress-free experience and help you receive the maximum payout for your used food processing equipment. Not only do we offer consignment, but we also offer direct purchases and auctions. Our inventory is always growing, and no piece is too big or small for us to store or sell for you. To learn more, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 404-386-6011.


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