Sales Excellence with Precision Scales

Revolutionize your retail experience with our cutting-edge scales designed for precision and efficiency. Our main focus is on providing top-notch solutions, and we take pride in offering the following key products:

Rotary Combination Weigh Scale

The state-of-the-art Rotary Combination Weigh Scale has advanced features to enhance your weighing processes. From precise measurements to streamlined operations, our Rotary Combination Weigh Scale is your key to efficiency.

Used Rotary Combination Weigh Scale

Our range of used Rotary Combination Weigh Scales is the answer for those seeking cost-effective yet reliable options.

Ishida Scales

Our Ishida Scales redefine performance in the retail environment. The Uni-5 Series price computing retail scale, with its large, programmable color touchscreen, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Store up to 99 pages, each customizable for various functions, operators, and PLUs, and experience the flexibility that sets Ishida Scales apart.

Used Ishida Scales

Choose sustainability without compromising on quality with our range of used Ishida Scales.

Yamato Scales

Explore precision like never before with our Yamato Scales. The Uni-7 Series, featuring a 7″ touch panel, offers an intuitive interface for easy scale operation. With customizable preset keys and an efficient layout, Yamato Scales ensures accuracy in every transaction.

Used Yamato Scales

Our collection of used Yamato Scales provides reliable and cost-effective options for businesses looking to enhance their weighing capabilities.

Triangle Scales

With the capability to program up to 20 freely programmable preset keys on a single page, Triangle Scales provides efficient weighing for a variety of products. Explore our new and used Triangle Scales range for flexible and precise weighing.

Triangle Vertical Scales & Ohlson Rotary Combination Weigh Scale

Heighten your efficiency with our Triangle Vertical Scales and Ohlson Rotary Combination Weigh Scale. Explore our collection for both new and used Vertical Scales, as well as the used Ohlson Rotary Combination Weigh Scale to elevate your weighing experience.

Sales-Driven Features Across Products

Our scales come with a range of features designed to enhance your sales processes:

Attract customer attention with a sharp, bright, grayscale 7″ LCD. Display scrolling or flashing advertising messages and images to maximize visibility.
Print fully customizable color pre-printed labels or company logos directly from the machine. Add traceability, cooking instructions, allergens, and ingredients to different products.
Our back-office program, SLP-V, allows easy programming of all scale aspects. Import and update product information seamlessly, use the scale as a cash register, and export real-time sales and reports.
Streamline workflow by integrating with Datasym’s Back Office suite – Stockade. This integration ensures real-time product updates, minimizes errors, and simplifies price changes.

Explore our catalog today for other used scales as well.

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