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MTL Services proudly offers three options for our clients to sell their new and used food processing equipment!

With close to four decades of food service experience, we know that every situation is unique and can call for different methods.

We purchase, consign and/or auction used food processing equipment according to our customer’s needs. When calling or contacting us, it is important to let us know if your equipment is used or decommissioned- as Decommissioned equipment has a slightly different approach.

We proudly offer three options:  Direct PurchaseConsignment, and Auction.

Direct Purchase of Used Processing Equipment

For direct purchases, we inspect your equipment and facilitate the removal. This process is the quickest but will often result in the least return to the seller, unless we have an immediate buyer.

Consignment of Used Processing Equipment

Consignment is best for when you want the maximum return but requires patience. We coordinate all details and can walk you through your options.


Due to our years of experience, we have cultivated a long list of international buyers. Partnering with our well-established international auction house, we can promptly sell your equipment!

We ensure you get the maximum return on your equipment with any of our options. We walk you through each step and tell you exactly what will happen. All you need to worry about is getting in touch with us to start!

To learn more about each option, click the links below! If you’re unsure what would be best, fill out our contact form or call us at 404-386-6011we are happy to assist in any way possible.

To view any equipment we have for sale, check out our inventory.

Direct Purchase
MTL Services will complete the purchase and removal of your equipment.
Direct Purchase
MTL Services will complete the purchase and removal of your equipment. so you can move forward with your new plans.

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MTL Services offers our customers a consignment option to sell their used equipment.
MTL Services will remove your equipment and house it in our fully enclosed warehouse on a consignment basis until it is sold.

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MTL Services has partnered with a well-established international auction house.
We are committed to getting our customers used equipment sold for the best price and in the quickest turn around time.

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