We make selling your used equipment easy and efficient.

Many of our customers see value in getting their equipment out of their facility and prefer a consignment approach versus a direct sale. MTL Services will remove your equipment and house it in our fully enclosed warehouse on a consignment basis. If you prefer to leave it on your premises in your warehouse we will sell it on an exclusive basis for a fixed time. With a consignment arrangement the customer can receive a higher value with the equipment in most cases.

We had one customer that was offered $40,000 for two Stein fryers and instead worked with MTL on a consignment arrangement. We removed and stored the equipment and three months later the customer received a check from MTL Services for over $90,000.

MTL Services will provide a written agreement establishing the consignment arrangement.

MTL prefers to use its own crew, working closely with your engineering and maintenance group, to provide a seamless removal of your equipment quickly, cleanly and safely. We can supervise your maintenance group if you prefer them to remove the equipment. We want to be involved because we have experienced equipment components missing and cannot be found and this greatly reduces the equipment value and ability to sell an incomplete unit.

If you have used processing equipment that will be decommissioned in the near future,
please contact MTL Services by e-mail, or call us at 404-386-6011.