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Simplifying Food Equipment Purchasing with MTL Services

Are you seeking a simple yet effective approach to obtaining high-quality food processing equipment? Consider MTL Services and our customized Direct Purchase solution. We identify the value of accelerating the food equipment purchasing process; hence, our professional team makes it their mission to make this process a breeze.

Direct Purchase: Your Solution for Food Processing Equipment Purchasing

MTL Services takes pleasure in providing a straightforward approach to acquiring kitchen equipment. Whether you’re seeking specialized food equipment purchasing or want to sell idle or excess products, our direct purchasing food equipment option will help.

How Does It Work?

  1. Provide us with all relevant facts, including particular equipment specifics and images. MTL Services’ staff assures a rapid and effective procedure for acquiring the necessary information.
  2. Once we get the information, we will list the food processing equipment for sale as quickly as feasible based on your availability and pricing preferences. Our goal is to accommodate your schedule while maintaining a consistent pricing structure.
  3. The final phase of our Direct Purchase option comprises purchasing idle equipment or surplus items outright.

Why Choose Direct Purchase with MTL Services?

  • Simplicity! Our process is designed to be straightforward, minimizing complexities associated with food equipment purchasing.
  • Efficiency! With MTL Services, you can expect a timely response and action, guaranteeing a smooth transaction.
  • Instant Solutions! Whether buying or selling, our Direct Purchase option offers instant answers to your food processing equipment requirements.

If you have food processing equipment you’re considering decommissioning, please contact MTL Services by e-mail, or call us at 404-386-6011.

NOTE:  It is important to immediately remove the equipment when it is decommissioned. If it is stored in the plant parts will be removed and the unit becomes scrap. Many customers move the equipment to an outside boneyard and if the unit has electronics the equipment becomes scrap in a few months. MTL Services will remove the equipment from the plant floor or supervise your maintenance group during the removal.

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